ClassDojo and "Dojo Points"
The behavior of Mrs. Tolin's 7th and 8th grade Language Arts classes will be monitored daily. ClassDojo is one tool that a teacher may use to communicate and reflect the progress of those behaviors (both positive and negative) to each student and class.

Please watch this short video to help explain:

PLEASE NOTE: "Dojo Points" do not directly affect or reflect a student's individual grade in the course.
Dojo Points, however, may serve as an incentive to motivate students to perform certain tasks and behaviors that, in turn, will positively affect one's grade.

How can I earn or lose Dojo Points during class activities?
Dojo Points can be earned by students, individually and as a class, by performing certain positive behaviors such as:
  • participation
  • working on task
  • working well independently
  • setting a good example
  • correctly answering a random extra credit question
  • supporting/working well with others

Simultaneously, students can lose Dojo Points, individually and as a class, by participating in negative behaviors such as:
  • arriving to class late
  • refusing to read or participate when name is randomly drawn from Popsicle stick pile
  • being unprepared for class or an activity
  • talking out of turn
  • having incomplete homework
  • being off task/ wasting time
  • causing a disruption

How can I continue to earn Dojo Points outside of class?
Dojo Points can be individually earned by students outside of the classroom that can can later contribute to his/her class Dojo Points by:
  • Being the "Student of the Week"
  • Being the first to correctly respond to one of Mrs. Tolin's Twitter Trivia questions
  • Submitting all homework on time within a 4.5-week time period (Beginning of a new grading period to interim would count as one 4.5-week time frame; Interim to report card/end of grading period would count as a second 4.5-week time frame.)
  • Showing significant improvement or effort (in behavior, organization, studying and/or grades)
  • Earning an "A" on any test or quiz
  • Having perfect attendance in a 9-week period (a grading period)

What can I use my DojoPoints for?
Students in Mrs. Tolin's 7th or 8th grade Language Arts classes will have an opportunity to contribute their ideas for incentives before their implementation. (It is my intent for us to agree upon reasonable and effective incentives to encourage positive individual behaviors as well as overall class behaviors, so that students within a class may have the opportunity to work together for a cause and also to compete with other similar classes.)

Some examples/suggestions for incentives include:
Class incentives:
  • a potluck "food day"

Individual Incentives:
  • bonus points that will be added on to an assignment or quiz
  • a student:teacher lunch-in