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7th Grade Word Wisdom
8th Grade Word Wisdom
**CRASH!** by Jerry Spinelli Tolin's Classroom Home Page
The Watsons Go to Birmingham--1963 Classroom Home Page
Edgar Allan Poe! Mrs. Tolin's Classroom Home Page
Social Issues Research Project-- Classroom "Hub"
  1. Increase Your Reading Comprehension Read a passage and select the word(s) needed to complete the sentence correctly. Use context clues and comprehension in order to be able to answer correctly.

  2. What's your Learning Style? What does this say about you? Take this quick quiz to learn more about yourself and how you learn. You can use this information to help you learn better (and learn more!) in each of your classes!

  3. 101 Excellent Sites English Educators (and their students)

  4. Clean Up Your Grammar! (game) Toss trash from the beach into the correct bin.

  5. Flashcards in a flash! Create & Print, free!

  6. OAA Study Flashcards

  7. Grammar Gorillas (games)

  8. Free online Educational Games for Kids

    Figurative Language Wordle.png
  9. Figurative Language Fun!

  10. Poetry Idea Engines- An interactive poetry idea"engine" will help you identify and write different types of poetry!

  11. More about Allusions!

  12. More on Hyperboles!

  13. More on Similes!

  14. Shakespeare & the Renaissance

  15. 101 Examples of Onomatopoeia in Sentences!
    Disclaimer: These were not compiled by Mrs. Tolin & some examples or photos on this page may be considered inappropriate for younger audiences.

  16. "Who are you callin' an Idiom"?! ...More about Idioms!

  17. Make a Character Scrapbook! Use this interactive activity to think critically and determine character traits of a character in a book you're reading or have read.

  18. Make a Newspaper! This is a great & different way to summarize the events of your whole book, or a chapter. Write from an objective point of view or write an opinionated editorial! This site is interactive and will allow you print