Date Assigned:
Assignment/ Handout:
Due Date:
End of last school year
7th grade Summer Reading Maps
Thursday, Aug 23th (1st day of school)
Aug 23 (1st day of school)
Parent Signature on Class Syllabus
Mon. Aug 27
Aug 24
"Me, Myself & I" handout
Monday, Aug 27
Sept 4

To be completed with every new WW Unit/Part
Sep 10
Study!!!! (Study Guide for Story Elements and "Rikki" Background Notes Quiz)
Quiz tomorrow, Sept. 11
Fri. Sept 14
Prepare for Unit 1 Word Wisdom Test over U1 Parts 1-3
Test scheduled for Thursday, Sept 20
Fri. Sept 14
Continually review notes/reading in preparation for "Rikki-Tikki" Unit test Mon. 9/24
Test scheduled for Monday, Sept 24
Mon. Sept 17
Please purchase/obtain a copy of CRASH by Jerry Spinelli by next Wednesday, 9/26
Wed, Sept 26th
Friday. Sept 21
"Rikki-tikki-tavi" Character Trait Posters
Last day to work on project in class: 9/25
Collected beginning of class: 9/26
Wed, 9/26
Begin Reading and Studying Crash by Jerry Spinelli.
Everything Crash-related! HERE

Tues, 10/2
Bring home the Playhouse Square "Christmas Carol" Field Trip Permission Slip and return it with your parent/guardian's signature and $20 cash or check before Monday, Oct 15th.
Field Trip will take place on Tues, December 11th.
(Follow the link above to print out another copy & to learn more about the play.)
Monday, Oct 15
Monday, 11/5
for the wiki, picture.jpg
for the wiki, picture.jpg

CRASH Character Sketch (essay).
Total assignment worth 100 points!

Click on the picture to the right to be directed to all the handouts and guidance available to help you successfully write yours!
(Refer to the "III. After Reading" section.) CLICK ON THE PIC. -->
Final paper due Wed. 11/13
Thursday, Nov 15
Everything Related to our reading & study of the playexternal image a-christmas-carol-logo.jpg
"A Christmas Carol: Scrooge & "

(All Study Guides, helpful videos, writing topics, etc.)

Jan/ February
external image watsonspreview_story1.jpg
Most things related to our Unit on The Watsons Go to Birmingham--1963:
(click on the picture or the link below!)
The Watsons Go to Birmingham--1963

Test Date:

Thursday, March 7th
March 16-
March 29th
Mini- Grammar Unit:

external image jit2.gif

Beginning after Spring Break

(week of April 8th)
Research Project:

external image research_cycle.gif