Helpful Research Links:
  • Ohio Career Database- Take the Survey & research information about each part of a career
    • Username: NordoniaHS Password: ohiocis03 (ohio-cis-zero-three)
  • Login using your Google account to save & record all of your sources & their bibliographic info. Follow the directions to create a Works Cited page.
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics- use this to find more career information
  • -O*Net- use this to find more career information
  • Kent State University Admission & Financial Aid- use this to gather information about the cost of a state college in OH.

Helpful Handouts:
  1. Dear Parents...
  2. "Keep this on your Refrigerator" (list of projected due dates & assignments)
  3. Project Description (with minimum requirements)
  4. Step-by-Step Project Instructions.
  5. Taking the Survey & narrowing your topic...
  6. Writing a Thesis Statement for this assignment.
  7. Research Organizer
  8. Here's How to make a Works Cited Page
  9. Note-taking: Quoting, Paraphrasing and Summarizing... what's the difference?
  10. Introduction Paragraph "Hooks", Transitions, and Summary Statements
  11. A Model Career Research Paper-- "Study the Model Paper"
  12. Guide for Writing your Rough Drafts
    • Introduction Paragraph Rough Draft RUBRIC
    • Body Paragraph Rough Draft RUBRICS
    • Conclusion Paragraph Rough Draft RUBRIC