Access: NORDONIA HILLS CITY SCHOOLS "RESEARCH PORTAL"to collect credible research.
(Referred by Mrs. Kuboff and Mrs. Tolin)
Choose "Opposing Viewpoints" and/or "Points of View" on right hand tab.

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Projected Length of Unit: January 25th- March 11, 2013
*We will continue our preparation for the OAA Tests at least 1-2 times a week with Practice tests, continue studying Word Wisdom vocabulary, and completing additional reading as part of our curriculum while simultaneously completing the Research Project. Class time and computer time is limited; therefore, students should be prepared (and expect!) to work on some components of this project AT HOME, when necessary.

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Projected Deadlines:

Available Handouts and Student Resources:

(subject to change)

Step 1: Explanation of the paper, its purpose and topic options.

Final Topic Choice due: Tues. 1/29/13
Steps 2: Submitting Your Topic:

Research Questions Due: Wed. 1/30/
Step 4: Creating Research Questions & Thesis Statements
Thesis due: Tues. 2/5/12
Step 5: Thesis

3 bib cards due:
No later than end of class Tuesday, 2/12/13
(UPDATED! Original due date was 2/11/13)
"Let's Talk Numbers"
Step 6B: Preparing Bib Cards
40 note cards due:

NEW! No later than end of class Tuesday, 2/12/13

Step 6D: Preparing Note Cards
Outline (Typed)
Projected due date:
Thurs. 2/14/13

NEW! end of class Friday 2/22/13
(automatic 1/2 credit if not submitted by this date;
no revisions offered after this date.)
Step 7: Making an Outline
Intro Paragraph w/ thesis due:
Tues. 2/19/13

NEW! Mon. 2/25/13
Step 8: Beginning & Concluding Your Paper
Inverted Pyramid (Intro vs. Concluding Paragraph)
How do I start my paper? (Writing an Introductory Paragraph)
Rough Draft of all 5 paragraphs WITHOUT parenthetical citations to be completed by:
Wed. 2/27/13(Handwritten is acceptable for now)
Help with your Rough Draft:
Typed Rough Draft #1 WITH parenthetical citations due:
Mon. 2/25/13

NEW! Mon. 3/4/13
Step 8- Parenthetical Citations:
What are parenthetical Citations? How do I use them properly?
Self/Peer Editing and Revisions #1
will be completed in class:

NEW! Mon. 3/4/13

(Feel free to print & use another Editing form with someone outside of class ALSO--not as an exception, though.)
Step 9: Rough Drafting and Formatting
Editing & Revising #1:
Mini-conferences with Mrs. Tolin:

Rough Draft #2 Works Cited Page due
with Rough Draft #2 of paper:
Thursday, 3/8/13

In-class EasyBib "Practice" Assignment
to be completed:
Tues. 3/5/13

Final Works Cited Page (with any necessary revisions and corrections already made) due:
with final draft on Mon.3/11/13
Creating a Works Cited Page:

Self/Peer Editing and Revisions #2
will be completed in class:

Thursday. 3/8/13
Editing & Revising #2

Mini-conferences with Mrs. Tolin:
Final Draft due: Mon. 3/11/13

*Submit final typed paper with Works Cited Page (attached as separate last page of paper) AND with rubric.
Print off another copy as needed-->

Step 10: Preparing Final Draft.
Step 10: Formatting Your First Page in MLA

Grading & Points Breakdown:
Overall rubric used on final paper & total points for each assignment in the process
Example "Model" papers with comments.

As handouts become available, they will be uploaded.
Inactive links are currently unavailable. Please check back!
Please note that the research process (#1-9 above) will equal approximately 100 points.
The final draft (#10 above) will be worth an additional 100 points.
Total Research Project = 200 points!!!


Below is a great, cool, informative, entertaining and clever Prezi which explains each part & purpose of a 5-paragraph essay, using a Bugs Bunny & Elmer Fudd cartoon as reference. :-) Check it out!!! (Although note that I [Mrs. Tolin] cannot accept any credit for its awesomeness; it was created by John Cowlin on 12 February 2013.