2012-2013(old!)Grade 8 HomeworkBelow are ONLY the files available for download/print in the event of an absence and/or if you lost your first copy.

Please refer to the "Lesson Plans" link for more information and other assignments. In an attempt to save paper, I do not make excess copies of work; therefore, I will only give each student one copy. If he/she loses it, this is the place to refer for additional copies PRIOR TO CLASS.
Please not that I do not have electronic copies of ALL homework assignments, so it is important for students to be sure to practice organization and responsibility.

Date Assigned:
Assignment/ Handout:
Due Date:
End of last school year
8th Grade Summer Reading Story Maps
Friday, Aug 24th (2nd day of school)
Aug 23 (1st day of School)
Parent signature on class syllabus
Mon. Aug 27
Aug 24
Facebook Profile Page
on. Aug 27
Tuesday, Aug 28
Nothing but the Truth alternate ending assignment
Wednesday, Sept 5 (Sept 4 for Dojo Pts)
Wed, Sept 5
"I Am" Poem
Friday, Sept 7
Friday, Aug 31
external image notebookindependentreading.gif

1st Quarter Independent Reading Assignment
"Everything you need to help you with it": CLICK HERE
Thursday, October 11
(No school on Friday, Oct 12)
Thursday, Sept 13
Retrieved Reformation Study Guide & Story Map
Copy of story, full text pdf HERE
Study Guide tentatively due 9/19 (day after finishing reading the story)
Test scheduled tentatively 9/21
Friday, Sept 15
Study Guide for Unit 1 WW 30 words (optional, not graded)
Test is Thursday, 9/20
Monday, Sept 17
Retrieved Reformation Study Guide & Story Map
Check answers HERE
Answers will be discussed in class Tuesday, 9/18
Monday, Sept 17
Prepare for Unit Test over "A Retrieved Reformation" by O.Henry
Everything you need to help you succeed on your "Retrieved Reformation" Test.
external image 51JEuJsMJzL._SL500_AA300_.jpg
Test scheduled for Friday, 9/21
Tuesday, Oct 2
Keep up with all your notes, handouts, videos, HW assignments & other study materials for our Edgar Allan Poe Unit: CLICK HERE:

1) Tell Tale Heart (short story)
2) The Raven (poem)
3) .A. Poe Mysterious Death Project
external image Edgar-Allan-Poe.jpg

Tell-Tale Heart vocabulary tentative quiz date: Thursday, 10/11

Tell-Tale Heart (story) quiz date:
Thursday, October 18th
November- December
Everything you need, related to Miracle's Boys:(click on the picture below)
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR_27cSNa6Z52_h5bNsfEnmmIMLk2AEJRCplbAIfWqeSal7jsGYzA

Miracle's Boys Unit Test date:
December 11th.
Weeks of January 14- January 25
Click on the picture to be directed to our Unit on (and all handouts/notes related to) Martin Luther KIng's "I have a Dream"
external image Martin-Luther-King-I-have-a-dream.jpg

Paraphrased Section Presentations begin:
Wed. 1/23/13
Quiz date: Thurs. 1/24/13
January 25th- March 11, 2013

*We will continue to work on preparing for OAAs at least once a week, and will be studying Word Wisdom vocabulary along the way.
Click on the image below to be directed to all things related to our 8th grade Research Project. All available handouts and notes are accessible and printable from that page:
your research hub, pic.jpg
your research hub, pic.jpg

Please note that the research process (#1-9 above) will equal approximately 100 points.
The final draft (#10 above) will be worth an additional 100 points.
Total Research Project = 200 points!!!
Subject to Change:
  1. Topic due: 1/29/13
  2. Research Questions Due: 1/30/13
  3. Thesis due: 2/5/12
  4. 3 bib cards due: 2/11/3
  5. 40 note cards due: 2/11/13
  6. Outline due: 2/22/13
  7. Intro Paragraph w/ thesis due: 2/25/13
  8. Typed Rough Draft with parenthetical citations due: 3/4/13
  9. Self/Peer Editing and Revisions completed by: 3/5/13
  10. Works Cited Page: by 3/8/13
  11. Final Draft due: 3/11/13
March 16-March 22, 2013
Harriet Tubman's "A Guide to Freedom"
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTwZ0vDBN4A-sB4OtXA0iwbepUSPHsvxmvYHIbJFJ6jnX15JkvbGg

Quiz date:

March 22nd, 2013
Beginning after Spring Break: Week of April 8th, 2013
external image fahrenheit-451.jpg

Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451:

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